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Full membership in the NAISTD is limited to those persons who are responsible for the statewide administration of any state-funded industry-specific training program intended to promote or support economic development for new and/or existing businesses and industries.

A person is eligible for membership if he/she is responsible for the statewide administration of a state organization’s industry-specific customized training effort regardless of whether or not that program operates under a separately budgeted item for industry-specific, customized training. Only one person within a single organization may be a member unless two people are coequals in responsibility. If the head of an organization/agency/department has responsibilities including specific training, but has separate functional units (for example, for new industry training and existing industry training), then only the head of the organization, and not the unit chief may be a member.

When a person ceases to be the coordinator or director of that state’s industry-specific training program, as a result of expiration of his/her term of office, death, resignation, removal or any other reason, then that person shall no longer be a member of NAISTD.

One person working directly for an organization represented by a NAISTD member may be nominated by that NAISTD member to be an associate member. An associate member has all the rights and privileges of membership, except may not vote.


Nominations must be made in writing (emails accepted) to the NAISTD President and shall be considered for approval by the Board of Directors.  The President will notify the nominee of the Board’s decision .